Autism Risk from EMF Exposure Even Greater Problem Than Cancer Risk, says Andrew Goldsworthy BSc, PhD, retired biologist with Imperial College, London

As scientists debate the risks of cancer from RF exposure in cell phones and wireless technologies this week at WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Andrew Goldsworthy, BSc, PhD cautions that the risk for autism from electromagnetic fields may be an even more important problem than the well-documented risk for cancers from cell phones.

In the attached essay, “How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism”, Dr. Goldsworthy explains the potential mechanism for autism from exposure to ambient Wi-Fi.

“…Weak electromagnetic fields can have a greater effect than strong ones and thus prolonged exposure to weak fields (where cells are maintained in the unstable condition for longer) is potentially more damaging than relatively brief exposure to much stronger ones”.

He says that a deficiency in the dedicated hard-wired neural networks needed for efficient communication with others result from early exposure to electromagnetic fields.

“A useful homology might be in the socialisation of dogs. If puppies do not meet and interact with other dogs within the first four months of their life (equivalent to about two human years), they too develop autistic behaviour. They become withdrawn, afraid of other dogs and strangers, and are incapable of normal “pack” behaviour. Once this four-month window has passed, the effect seems to be irreversible (just like autism). If this homology is correct, it suggests that experiments on dogs could hold the key to the investigation of autism and its possible links with electromagnetic exposure. “

Dr Goldsworthy says these children are not necessarily unintelligent. “They may even have more brain cells than the rest of us and some may actually be savants. They may just be held back from having a normal life by a deficiency in the dedicated hard-wired neural networks needed for efficient communication with others.” If Goldsworthy is correct, autism may be an explainable tragedy of enormous proportions, brought on by increasing levels of electromagnetic fields in our homes and environments.

Autism Speaks, the largest autism science-and-advocacy organization in the U.S., has estimated that 67 million people worldwide live with the condition, which remains the fastest-growing developmental disability in the world — affecting 1 out of every 110 children and 1 in 70 boys.

See recent paper on possible connection between prenatal ultrasound and autism by health science writer Nancy Evans, “Increased prevalence of autism has paralleled the increased use of prenatal ultrasound. Is this coincidence or connection?”

At ElectromagneticHealth.org we believe citizens ought to be pressing for a major federally funded research program to investigate the EMF connection with autism. If EMF exposures are leading to autism and yet we continue to blanket ourselves in these fields it is we who are responsible for not taking steps to stop this terrible tragedy.

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