EMFs, Harmful Wireless Smart Meters Used in Solar, Pressing Electricity Grid Constraints from A.I. and the Urgent Need for Rapid Roll Out of Rooftop Solar

On April 15, 2024 a team affiliated with the National Institute for Science, Law and Public presented on the weekly online program held by pro-solar, anti-nuke activist Harvey Wasserman, streamlined online and broadcast on the Pacifica Network and via Progressive Radio Network. The program included Camilla Rees, MBA, Karl Maret, MD, Timothy Schoechle, PhD and Duncan Campbell, Esq. Presentations covered the science on the biological and health effects of electromagnetic fields, unnecessary integration of wireless smart meters with solar installations today, under-recognized capacity constraints with the electricity grid from telecommunications growth and the explosion in AI, and the need for rapid transition to safe, ‘distributed’ renewable energy technologies, including rooftop solar and microgrids.







Timothy Schoechle, PhD is Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy. Author of “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” and “Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks” published by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy. Dr. Schoechle is a communications technology expert, international consultant in computer engineering and standardization, and former faculty member of the University of Colorado, College of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Schoechle was a founder of BI Incorporated, pioneer developer of RFID technology. He presently serves on the ISO/IEC Subcommittee 25 for Interconnection of IT Equipment developing standards for Home Electronics Systems and is developing an open source energy management and measurement application, known as “EMMA”, now piloting in Vancouver.


Karl Maret, M.D., M.Eng., Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy, is an expert on biological and health effects of wireless technologies. He is a medical doctor, also trained in both electrical and biomedical engineering, and a former researcher on impacts of electromagnetic fields for the Canadian military. He is President of the Dove Health Alliance, a nonprofit foundation, focused on the creation and promotion of global research and education networks in Energy Medicine and operates the Dove Center for Integrative Medicine in Aptos, CA. He educates physician groups specifically on the biological impacts of communication technologies, such as cell phones, wireless technologies, ‘smart meters’ and antenna infrastructure.


Duncan A. Campbell, Esq. is a former attorney and long-time new energy visionary; Boulder, CO’s leading radio host at KGNU featuring pioneers in new paradigm thinking in a broad variety of fields; solar investor; and author of the white paper “New Energy for a New World” for two Democratic Presidential Campaigns, in 2004 (Kerry) and 2008 (Obama). He put forward the idea of issuing national new energy convertible bonds for sale to the public that would bring existing technologies to the market while at the same time investing in innovative technologies in which bondholders could earn a stake.



Camilla Rees, MBA, Moderator, is a former financial industry executive who has more recently been a researcher, author, and producer on technology risks through affiliation with the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy as Senior Poliocy Advisor. She received the Award in Public Health from the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines, and  “The Jonathan Forman Award from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, its most prestigious award for outstanding contribution in the field of Environmental Medicine. Camilla is also a sought-after communications strategist, business consultant and personal health and empowerment consultant.



Recent Articles of Interest re. Grid Capacity Constraints: 


NYT article March 14, 2024, “A New Surge in Power Use Is Threatening U.S. Climate Goals – A boom in data centers and factories is straining electric grids and propping up fossil fuels.”


Washington Post, March 7, 2024, “Amid Explosive Demand, America is Running Out of Power.”


Epoch Times, Premium Report, April 18, 2024, “How Big Tech Is Consuming America’s Electricity and Water


Solar Today, “Intelligent Energy: Operating System for the Solar Homes and Microgrids of the Future” by Timothy Schoechle, PhD, Fall 2020


Photo – Analog Meter vs Fire Damaged ‘Smart’ meters. 

Telecom Fires & Federal Wireless Bills” outlining fires caused by or contributed to by telecom equipment, describing 4 major fires in SoCAL from 2007-2020, by Susan Foster, Honorary Firefighter San Diego Fire Department


Atmospheric and Climate Sciences, “KELEA, Cosmic Rays, Cloud Formation and Electromagnetic Radiation: Electropollution as a Possible Explanation for Climate Change“, W. John Martin, 2016


NISLAPP-published white papers by Dr. Timothy Schoechle:

Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid

Reinventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks


National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP) recommends:

Postcard: 13 ways “fiber to the premises” – rather than 4G/5G wireless antennas –
strengthens U.S. communications, national security and the economy.


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Today’s program was hosted on Harvey Wasserman’s Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition (GREEP)/Alliance 4 Grassroots Democracy Monday Zoom call. Since April 2020, GREEP has convened more than 170 gatherings of top activists and organizers, movers and shakers, writers and thinkers to change, shape and help guide the American political future towards grassroots democracy and green energy. The calls are live streamed and broadcast on Pacific Network and via Progressive Radio Network. If you’d like to watch earlier programs or register to attend future GREEP Zoom calls please go to: https://grassrootsep.org/



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