Presentation to EU Commission EMF Stakeholder Dialogue Group by Yury Grigoriev, PhD

The following is a presentation given by Professor Yury Grigoriev at the European Commission EMF Stakeholder Dialogue Group in Brussels on February 20, 2013.

Professor Grigoriev is the is the Chairman of the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RNCNIRP), Deputy Chairman of the Radiobiology Scientific Council of Academy of Sciences, a member of the International Advising Committee on WHO “EMF and Health”, a member of the US Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS), and a member of the board of the Journal of Radiation Biology and Ecology (RAS). He has 40 years of experience dealing with non-Ionizing radiations and health.

Four indisputable postulate / truth to the risk assessment of mobile communications for public health (our opinion)


Grigoriev Yu

SANCO EMF Workshop, Brussels, 20. 02. 2013

We have entered into active discussion for more than fifteen years:  about whether there are adverse effects as a result of exposures to mobile communications.

Despite the discussions there is not progress, in my opinion.

However EMF exposures on the population are continuing, a radiation loading grows daily.

Too much controversy!

I shall not stop at debatable themes so far, in particular on the proof   danger from EMF of base stations and Wi-Fi.

Today I have chosen four postulates, or axioms, or absolute truth. These four truths are connected to mobile communication and, in my opinion, are essential for the population to fully understand risk.

The first postulate – mobile communication uses EMF RF.  This kind of electromagnetic radiation is harmful types of radiation and EMF in all countries is stocked with appropriate regulations. Excess of allowable levels can cause pathology. I believe that you should agree that EMF require restrictions and hygiene control!

The second postulate” EMF and a brain “.  Mobile phone is open EMF source without a protective shield.  EMF is directly exposing the brain when we use a mobile phone. It is the absolute truth.

Nervous system structures of an internal ear (acoustical and vestibular devices) are directly exposed to EMF beam. It is an axiom.

The exposure to the brain has arisen for the first time in this period of civilization.

The third absolute truth – “EMF RF and children”.

Children for the first time in civilization are EMF exposing their own brain.

The risk for damage to a child’s brain compared to the adult brain is much greater.

Children are more vulnerable to external factors of the environment. It is an absolute truth.

This opinion is WHO (Backgrounder No3, 2003) and Parma Declaration 2010 of European Region of WHO.

The fourth postulate is “Absence of adequate recommendation/standards”.

We have very little scientific materials about probable pathological effects after long-term EMF exposure on the brain of adults and children, so we have no scientific base for definition of a permission level exposure on brain to EMF Mobile phones and, as consequence,  the corresponding standards are no. This is real fact.

What is the possible solution?

My suggestion.  For my suggestion I invited my experience and life time knowledge.

I have wide experience of research on issues surrounding with two problems ” Ionizing radiation and health” (more than 60 years) and «Non-Ionizing radiations and health” (about 40 years).

I took part in the first issue with in 1949. There were periods of “underestimation”, “hyper assessment” with elements of phobias, and again period “underestimation” before the nuclear Chernbylski accident. This accident has caused fear among the population. The Russian government agreed to provide full information to the population about dangers of ionizing radiations. As a result the population of Russia is now reassured and respect decisions regarding protective actions.

Now we are dealing with similar issues surrounding EMF mobile communication. I believe that the time has arrived to period of a provide full information to the general population.

These four postulates allow the population to appreciate the probable risk for adverse health effects from uncontrolled use of mobile communication.  Of course, we must remind people that their entire body is also continuously exposed round-the-clock to extra exposures associated with EMF base stations and Wi-Fi.

I think that mobile communication should become a temporarily service of a selection.

Because of the danger inherent in microwave technology, and the failure of standards to protect the population in general and particularly children, should be a choice for short term, temporary use so that we may preserve human health.

I address to colleagues: do not sin against the truth.

Deeds, not words!

Download Professor Grigoriev’s Presentation (PDF)

In April 2011, two studies by Professor Grigoriev and other researchers with the Russian Academy of Sciences were published in Radiation Biology on the effects of cell phone radiation on children . Read “Important New Russian Research on Cell Phone Radiation’s Effect on Cognitive and Other Functions in Children.”

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