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by Camilla Rees, MBA, Founder,
www.ElectromagneticHealth.org and Campaign for
Radiation Free Schools (Facebook); Co-author with
Magda Havas, PhD of “Public Health SOS:
The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”


1. We are fundamentally electromagnetic.

2. Man-made frequencies from wireless devices and cell phones are biologically disruptive Radiofrequency Radiation (RF).

3. FCC exposure guidelines ignore a large body of science showing risk from this radiation and the guidelines are not protective as they only protect from one form of risk—the heating effects.

4. There are greater risks—and unknown EMF risks—to children, whose brains absorb more RF.

5. RF emitted by cell phones cause brain tumors and other cancers.

6. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the radiation as a group 2B “Possible Carcinogen” in 2011, and there is now evidence to upgrade this to “Carcinogen”.

7. RF impairs fertility.

8. RF causes damage to DNA, impacting our health today and that of future generations.

9. RF is a biological stressor.

10. RF interferes with the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that regulates the heart and balance in the body.

11. RF overexposure symptoms, as are being experienced in many schools today with WiFi, indicate dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.

12. These symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, pressure in the head, feeling faint, chest pressure, difficulty concentrating, irritability, weakness, fatigue, an irregular heart beat, etc.

13. Children are beginning to show signs of dementia, where they cannot remember basic things, a phenomenon being called “Digital Dementia”.

14. RF increases endorphins and is addicting. Children do not have the understanding and discipline to pull away, and parents need to regulate use of any RF-emitting technologies.

15. Exposure guidelines are based on average exposures yet the body responds to peaks, not to averages. In schools with WiFi, children can be exposed to peak pulsing way above the safety guidelines recommended by independent scientists for a significant portion of the day, with the worst symptoms commonly happening during those peak times.

16. Schools use industrial grade WiFi that is significantly more powerful than home WiFi, and designed to go through cement walls, brick and to travel into outside areas of the school. Newer systems use potentially more dangerous directional radiation patterns in addition to the higher power.

17. RF in a school bus, car or train exacerbates the RF exposures due to the radiation reflecting off the metal vehicle.

18. Children with metal braces are especially prone to symptoms from RF.

19. Fetuses exposed to RF in utero have more relational and social problems later when in school.

20. Radiofrequency Radiation (RF) has no place around children. Over two-dozen foreign countries are taking steps to protect children from RF, including removing WiFi from schools and libraries, preventing advertising to children, and turning off cell towers.

21. There are numerous aspects of risks from tech overuse outlined at a recent Commonwealth Club program on EMF and Children. These include 1) Reward/addiction pathways; 2) Intense sensory stimulation; 3) Bright & Blue-toned light; 4) Media Multitasking; 5) Interactivity & Rapid Pace; and 6) Electromagnetic Radiation. https://vimeo.com/132159417



  • All computer equipment and internet connections should be hard-wired with a cord, and wireless functionality disabled.
  • Schools should establish pristine learning environments without electrosmog that impairs cognitive function and learning.
  • Mobile phones and RF-emitting devices should be restricted to emergency use only, and especially in the case of children.
  • Duration of exposure dramatically alters risk. Minimize exposures.
  • Children’s internal development is best served during formative years through the basics: human nurturing, time spent with parents and family, experience relating with family and peers, feeling part of community, feeling the love of others and connection with wildlife and nature.
  • Parents should seek support in facing the risks of RF radiation. The risks are significant and call for a thoughtful response.


This is adapted from “50+ EMF Safety Tips & Insights” that can be found here: https://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/50-tips/


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