France – Legislation in Progress to Further Protect Children from Cell Phone Radiation

A brief translation of the legislation which has now passed the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies is as follows. Summarized by Daniel Oberhausen of Association Priartem in France.

1) All cell phones must be sold with a device limiting head exposure to EMF.

2) Any advertising campaign promoting the use of cell phones by children below 14 years is banned.

3) Providing radio equipments designed for children under 6 may be banned by ministerial order.

4) In kindergarten primary school and junior high, the use of cell phones is banned for kids during all teaching activities in locations listed in School rules.

5) For all cell phones sold on the French territory the SAR must be indicated clearly and in French. Possible risks resulting from excessive use must also be mentioned.

Download the Senate legislation (in French) here.

Download the Senate and National Assembly legislation (in French) here.