Town of Jackson, WY Issues Cell Phone Safety Proclamation

Mayor Mark Barron and the Town Council of Jackson, Wyoming issued a Proclamation of Cell Phone Safety Monday evening, October 1, 2012, declaring October “Cell Phone Safety Awareness Month.”   The proclamation, found below, cites concern over long term health effects as well as the increased risk the radiation poses to children.




WHEREAS, more people use cell phones today than ever before because of their convenience and portability; and,

WHEREAS, the Jackson Town Council considers the health and welfare of the citizens of the Town a priority; and

WHEREAS, some research links texting with cell phones to traffic accidents, and  also links longer term use with increased risks of brain cancer, reproductive damage, and other illnesses; and,

WHEREAS, these longer term risks may be greater for children than adults because their skulls are thinner and their brains and bodies are smaller and faster growing; and,

WHEREAS, phones emit more radiation in weak signal areas as they attempt to connect to a tower; and,

WHEREAS, simple steps such as holding the phone farther away from your ear, turning off your phone when not in use, checking the specific absorption rate of your phone, and using a headset significantly reduces radiation absorption; and,

WHEREAS, recent studies have confirmed the risks of cell phone radiation such as Yale University’s report that prenatal exposures affect brain development and behavior in offspring and the Government Accountability Office’s review advising that cellphone tests and standards should be revised; and,

WHEREAS, Israel, France, and India have all developed policies to advise parents of risks of cell phones and to require that cell phones be sold with headsets; and,

WHEREAS, cell phones manufacturers provide fine print warnings to promote safer cell phone use; and,

WHEREAS, cell phones are important for communication and safety reasons, but all people, and especially parents of young children, should be aware of how to reduce risks from cell phone use.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mark Barron, Mayor of the Town of Jackson do hereby declare the month of October, 2012 as Cell Phone Awareness Month and, in so doing, urge citizens to become aware of the risks associated with prolonged cell phone use and to take steps necessary to mitigate these risks to themselves and the children in their care.


DATED THIS 1st Day of October, 2012.




_____________________ Mark Barron, Mayor




Olivia Goodale, Town ClerkClerk


Download Proclamation (PDF)