Mayor Gavin Newsom is A Public Health Hero – Signs Resolution Calling for Serious Attention to Wireless Hazards

Every time I read an article like I did yesterday in the New York Times describing new personal cell phone towers one can purchase to put in ones apartment to improve the signal, I realize activists for wireless safety are swimming against the current!

I question whether our efforts are futile.

Then, there are other moments when I realize that while we may be swimming against the current on the surface, there are deeper currents in the river that are supporting us, moving the world toward more truth, integrity and greater health.

I am so grateful for very courageous political leaders like Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco (and Rep. Andrea Boland of Maine before him, and many others across the country before that) who are taking stands for public health regarding the health hazards of wireless technologies.

People who can confidently speak truth to giant industries and not be intimidated by lying and manipulation are the kind of people I want in my government.

Who do you know in a position of influence in government, business or communities who can be activated to take a stand on this important public health issue?

Consider sending Mayor Newsom a thank you note, or flowers! We need more to emulate his sensibility.

All the best,  Camilla

Mayor Gavin Newsom, City Hall, Room 200 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA 94102

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Resolution on the potential health impacts of wireless facilities that was unanimously passed on March 23 has been signed by Mayor Newsom and is now available on the City’s website.

Read Resolution Here