New Book: The Microwave Delusion by Brian Stein

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For Immediate Release: 26 January 2021




Why ‘Smart’ Wireless Means We Are Dying Younger in Poorer Health and Endangering the Wellbeing of Our Children.    

The Diary of an Electrosensitive
Brian Stein CBE and
Jonathan Mantle


‘We are taking advice from a small, self-appointed circle of insiders who reject all research showing harm, and who set safety limits.’  Brian Stein, UK


‘We are taking risks of the sort that no rational society on earth should take.’ Professor Martin Pall, Washington State University, USA.


‘We should have ethical permission for people who are going to be exposed to 5G. Thirteen persons make decisions for the whole world – as opposed to 250 persons who have signed the independent scientific declaration.’  Professor Lennart Hardell, Sweden.


‘The non-thermal effects on our cells, organs and tissues do damage at energy levels that may be hundreds or thousands of times lower than those that cause significant heating. Our governments and health authorities are doing nothing to protect us.’  Professor Andrew Goldsworthy, UK.


‘The car was not invented to be safe, it was invented to sell.  Lots of people died.  Only consumer pressure eventually forced car manufacturers to introduce seat belts.  It’s the same with mobile phones.’ Dr Andrew Tresidder, UK.


Brian Stein CBE

The Microwave Delusion is the story of how one man’s personal experience of the damaging health effects of low-level microwave radiation became part of an international campaign to hold the mobile phone industry to account for its defective safety practices.


This book charts industry dirty tricks, government indifference and the rise of independent science over industry-controlled studies, leading to campaigns, political action, legal judgements in mainland Europe, North America and Israel and action to protect children in schools: a change of process which many countries are adopting and which British health authorities, politicians and those with a duty of care are the slowest to acknowledge.


The roll out of 5G worldwide presents the greatest threat yet to public health from low-level microwave radiation generated by a mobile phone industry which places profit above the long-term wellbeing of pregnant women, babies, children and adults at home, school, in public and in the workplace.  As one leading independent scientist says: ‘We are taking risks of the sort that no rational society on earth should take.’


The Microwave Delusion describes how an industry-driven tragedy in the making has come into being on a scale comparable to tobacco and asbestos, how it can be averted, and what we as individuals and a society can do about it.


*All profits from this book go to charities campaigning for a safer wireless environment around the world.


‘Congratulations On a Very Important Book’

– Professor Lennart Hardell, gold standard, independent peer-reviewed scientist.


How to Buy: 

‘The Microwave Delusion’ is published by Grosvenor House Publishing and available for sale online and from bookshops including Waterstones, Amazon Book Depository, Barnes and Noble, Foyles and eBay.  RRP: £14.99


Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-microwave-delusion-why-smart-wireless-means-we-are-dying-younger-in-poorer-health-and-endangering-the-wellbeing-of-our-children-brian-stein/1138420057?ean=9781839753497


Author Contacts:

Brian Stein: 01949 20498

[email protected]

Jonathan Mantle:

07833 128174

[email protected]



The Authors:

Brian Stein CBE is a successful retired business leader decorated for his services to education in the community. He is Chairman of the EM-Radiation Research Trust.

Jonathan Mantle’s books are published in 30 countries and 16 languages. He is not as far as he knows electrically sensitive.

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