Olle Johansson, PhD of Karolinska Institute, Sweden Offers Advice on Children’s Wireless Protection Act

Dr. Olle Johansson of the Department of Neuroscience at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has recommended the Maine Legislature vote in favor of the Children’s Wireless Protection Act. He says, “At the Karolinska Institute, we have for many years observed very serious biological changes from exposure to microwave radiation and extremely low-frequency magnetic fields of the kind emitted by cell phones. These include increased risks for cancer, neurological diseases, impairments to immune function, and neurological function (cognition, behaviour, performance, mood status, disruption of sleep, increased risk for auto collisions, etc.). We also know that this kind of radiation impacts DNA, leading to possible mutations and cancer development, as well as affecting fertility and reproduction, causing a dramatic decline in sperm count.”


Dr. Johansson is a leading expert in the biological effects of electromagnetic fields. EMF experts from the US and Europe will be arriving in Maine on March 1st for hearings on March 2nd before the Maine Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee about the need for warning labels on cell phones, as recommended by the Children’s Wireless Protection Act. Rep. Andrea Boland has put forth this legislation. If the bill passes in Maine, Maine will be the first state in the nation to require warning labels on cell phones.


Dr. Johansson explains, “Personally, I believe it was a terrible oversight to not require pre-market health testing of these technologies. But now that wireless communications devices are pervasive in society, the prudent step is to warn citizens of their risks so that health conscious citizens may take precautionary measures. We especially need to protect children, pregnant women and fetuses, as well as fertile men.”


Download Dr. Olle Johansson’s Letter