Text of Resolution on Electromagnetic Health

USHFC-2012-Resolution Re: Electromagnetic Health
Resolution 2B


Resolution On Electromagnetic Health

2012 The U.S. Health Freedom Congress
Schaumburg, IL, June 14, 2012
Submitted by ElectromagneticHealth.org

Whereas electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, cellular antennas, wireless devices, wireless computer equipment, DECT portable phones, wireless ‘smart boards’ in schools, wireless utility ‘smart meters’, etc., have been shown in numerous well documented peer-reviewed studies to lead to biological disregulation, impaired cognitive function, reduced fertility, damaged DNA and increased incidence of acute and chronic conditions, including cancers, heart irregularities, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, dizziness, tinnitus and stress; and

Whereas the risk from electromagnetic fields involves the low frequency ELF fields (electric and magnetic fields), intermediate frequencies (dirty electricity) and high frequencies (radiofrequency (RF), including microwaves as emitted by cell phone and consumer wireless technologies), and both ELF and RF fields have been separately classified by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as Class 2B ‘Possible Carcinogens’ and have been the subject of numerous resolutions warning of the risks from international scientists, physicians, psychologists and government agencies; and

Be it acknowledged that:

  • Health, DNA, productivity and the environment are being negatively impacted by the presence of man-made electromagnetic fields in home, work, school, community and natural environments.
  • Non-stop proliferation of electromagnetic fields has continued unabated for two decades, largely unchallenged by public health and government officials, despite ample evidence of harm.
  • Sensitivity to electromagnetic fields varies between people, due to known and unknown reasons, including past exposures; cumulative exposure; duration and intensity of exposures; presence of heavy metals, chronic infections, dental amalgams and other stressors; differences in detoxification capacities; opportunity for downtime without exposure to electromagnetic fields, etc. Over time, and with increasing exposure, more people feel the effects of electromagnetic fields, some to the point of functional or cognitive debilitation. It has been estimated that 3-8% of people in developed countries suffer from electromagnetic field exposures, and these numbers are expected to increase.
  • Electrohypersensitive individuals who are otherwise ambitious and qualified are increasingly unable to attend schools, hold jobs or participate in society. Many have left homes due to neighborhood cellular towers and antennas, radiation-emitting utility ‘smart meters’ and neighbors wireless devices, whose radiation easily passes through walls and permeates their personal premises. A fringe class has emerged at the edge of society, unable to comfortably co-exist with current levels of electromagnetic fields. This population is expected to increase as exposures continue to rise.
  • ‘Second-hand’ unavoidable, involuntary exposure to electromagnetic fields is impairing quality of life, causing illness and making 100% of society ultimately vulnerable to illness, cognitive dysfunction and other acute and chronic illnesses.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Congress should take immediate and effective measures to assure the health of individuals and society is not being unknowingly eroded by excessive exposures to electromagnetic fields, including:

1. Assuring the population is widely educated on the known, as well as potential, risks of electromagnetic field exposures, and on the many different sources of these exposures, including exposures from consumer technologies, residential and occupational settings, and neighborhood telecommunications and utility infrastructure. Efforts might include 1) funding public safety announcements; 2) requiring point of sale educational materials; 3) requiring manufacturer warning labels; 4) assuring institutional cooperation in an electromagnetic field (EMF) educational campaign (e.g. among employers, educational institutions, hospitals, medical schools, parenting organizations and other community groups, etc.); 5) requiring disclosure of known internal and external electromagnetic field risks in real estate transactions (e.g. antennas on the roof or premises; wireless utility smart meters or relay antennas on buildings; neighborhood cell towers or antennas within distances research shows cancer clusters and symptoms of electrosensitivity occur; wiring errors; high levels of dirty electricity on wiring; etc.), and, importantly, 6) clarifying for the public that the present Federal Communications Commission (FCC) safety guidelines for wireless technologies a) are designed to protect against one form of risk alone, the thermal, or heating, effects, but not the non-thermal effects, nor effects from signal characteristics, both of which are biologically active; b) that the RF/MW guidelines are based on relatively very short exposure periods (minutes), compared to actual exposures common today (hours, or sometimes 24/7); c) that besides a ‘cause and effect’ relationship between exposure and effects, where one would expect the greater the exposure the greater the effect, there are, as well, paradoxical effects, where the lower the exposure the greater certain effects, such as, for example, on the brain; and d) that some scientists believe there is sufficient evidence today suggesting there may not be a safe exposure level from cumulative and chronic exposures to wireless technologies at all, and, that prudent avoidance, and a change to safer, shielded communication technologies, is required; or, finally 7) funding the training of a skilled workforce able to accurately measure electromagnetic fields to enhance people’s awareness of this public health issue.

The first part of this Resolution is calling for citizens to be educated on the known, and suspected risks, from electromagnetic fields so they may be empowered to make health-promoting decisions for themselves and their communities.

2. Assuring citizens are empowered to ‘opt-out’ from biologically disruptive exposures to electromagnetic fields in their homes, workplaces and communities. This might involve 1) establishing cell phone and wireless-free neighborhoods, transportation options, government buildings, schools and classrooms, employment options and public spaces; 2) removing cellular and wireless technologies near vulnerable populations, such as at or near schools, health care and retirement facilities, as has been recommended by the European Parliament; 3) repealing Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which took away the rights of state and local governments to stop the erection of cell towers and wireless antennas in their communities based on “environmental” grounds (defined by FCC to include “human health” grounds); 4) assuring the safer and more secure land-line telephone network remains an option; 5) assuring citizens in their homes, as well as employees, have the option of a hard-wired internet connection, such as through existing cable, phone line or fiber optics networks; and 6) assuring the right to ‘opt-out’ from radiation-emitting wireless utility ‘smart meters’ whose metering function can be more safely and economically accomplished using existing hard-wire communications networks.

This Resolution is thus also calling for citizens to have the right to ‘opt-out’ of acute and chronic exposures to technologies using electromagnetic fields that have been demonstrated to be potentially harmful, thereby personally taking precautionary and preventive health actions.




The Seletun Scientific Statement (January 2011):
“Scientists, Led by Karolinska Institute’s Olle Johansson, PhD, Recommend Global Governments Adopt New Exposure Guidelines for Electromagnetic Radiation—Pointing to Biological Hazards and Risks to the Genetic Code from Unchecked Proliferation of Wireless Technologies”

Video: http://vimeo.com/18018440

Resolution on Electromagnetic Health (PDF)

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