Rewire.Me E-Magazine Launches in Britain

The premier issue of Rewire.Me E-magazine has been launched by the EM-Radiation Research Trust in the U.K.


This interactive rich-media PDF E-Magazine focuses on the world of electro-magnetic radiation that people experience in daily life, including cell phones, wi-fi networks, masts (or cell phone towers, as we call them here), DECT portable phones and more. It also covers science, EMF policies of various governments, low EMF tourist destinations and even historical uses of this form of radiation in the military, leaving little doubt governments have known of RF dangers for decades. Rewire.Me includes links to videos, audios and scientific journals, as well as a place where people affected by these fields may share their experiences. Eileen O’Connor, founder of EM-Radiation Research Trust, has been called a “small town revolutionary”, but her work on behalf of this issue as a breast cancer survivor, convinced cell phone radiation is causing many cancers, has had global impact. Visit Rewire.Me at http://www.rewire.me/ and help spread the word about this important new educational resource for patients, health practitioners, schools, government officials and the media.