Three U.S. Governors Acknowledge Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Pollution from Wireless Technologies

It has been an interesting 2 weeks. First Gov. Charlie Crist of FL (R) declared May 2009 “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Awareness Month”, then he retracted it under pressure, allegedly from the FL Dept. of Health. See earlier news:
Gov. Charlie Crist of FL 1st Declares May 2009 Electromagnetic Sensitivity Awareness Month then Retracts It


A week later, Gov. Jodi Rell (R) of Connecticut issued a similar proclamation. Just as we were gasping with delight and disbelief, given what had happened in FL to derail Gov. Crist’s action, we have learned that Gov. Bill Ritter (D) has now also declared May 2009 Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Awareness Month.


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This is exciting news for the millions of people who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields, and gives hope to those people who are severely suffering in places where Wi-Max has already rolled out. Reports about people suffering from Wi-Max are coming in–the common theme people ‘feeling their bodies are vibrating’ and some feel like they are on the brink of a heart attack.


There may now be the Telecommunications Act of 1996 in the way of state and local governments limiting antennas on health or environmental grounds, but clearly local leaders, such as Governors, can have an impact if they band together to take a stand for public health like this. Congratulations to Governors Crist, Rell and Ritter for being on the forefront of this issue and realizing the seriousness of the subject and the consequences of not addressing it for public health. Activists are wishing Gov. Crist best of luck in dealing with groups linked to industry who may have pressured him to retract his EMF declaration, and encourage him to reissue Florida’s proclamation as soon as a thorough review by his staff has been conducted.


We encourage all other U.S. Governors to follow suit, as well, and encourage them to issue a similar declaration acknowledging Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Together, states acknowledging this emerging public health issue will significantly put pressure on Congress to lower EMF exposure guidelines, as the European Parliament has done. Congress has significant conflicts of interest, given the size of the telecommunications industry lobby and the percentage of federal revenues that are derived from this industry, and they need to be reminded by all of us–citizens, state and local government officials and health care providers–to do the right thing for the citizens of this country.


If you have not already done so, please sign our EMF Petition to Congress at www.ElectromagneticHealth.org. One of the provisions of this Petition is to repeal Sec 704 of this Act so states can limit antennas on health and/or environmental grounds.


If you are in a position to support health advocates working to educate the public, media, government leaders and schools on this important health issue please contact Camilla Rees as soon as possible. We can use your support.


Many thanks for your help.


Camilla Rees
Founder, www.ElectromagneticHealth.org
Co-Author with Magda Havas, PhD “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”

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