Allegations of Fraudulent EMF Research at University of Vienna, Indicating Genotoxic Effects, Not Confirmed By Two Ethics Commissions; 5 Studies In Fact Confirm the Original Findings

The attempt to discredit two researchers five years ago, Prof. Rüdiger and Prof. Adlkofer, has failed. Two ethics commissions have determined that the allegations of fraud related to the genotoxic effects shown in the blood and brains from exposure to electromagnetic fields can not be confirmed.

Also, several studies have been released since then, as well, that confirm genotoxic effects: Franzellitti 200, Xu 2009, Campisi 2010, Kesari 2010, Guler 2010.

Pandora Foundation Press Release

Documentation “About the Handling of Scientific Findings Regarding Mobile Phone Research at the Medical University of Vienna”

Congratulations to Prof. Rüdiger and Prof. Adlkofer for successfully defending themselves and exposing the witch hunt.