WHO’s Draft Pandemic Agreement Foreshadows Loss of National Sovereignty and a One World Government

Please view presentation by Children’s Health Defense Mary Holland, Esq. and Meryl Nass, MD about the WHO’s proposed pandemic agreement and related changes to the International Health Regulations. These agreements will erode national sovereignty and revoke human, civil and constitutional rights we in the U.S. take for granted.


This is a reflection of the movement towards a one world government, in which the PHARMA-funded and PHARMA-influenced WHO will be able to:

– dictate policy for nations,

– decide what’s true and false,

– direct extensive global surveillance and censorship,

– order countries to pass laws,

– order what drugs can given in a pandemic, and not given,

– supervise gain of function research and genetic engineering, and extend its reach well beyond human health.


What the media has reported about the WHO documents is not at all consistent with what is actually in the documents. The public has been greatly misinformed. Freedoms essential to Democracy are at risk. It appears the U.S. government is ignorantly going along with this scheme.

From all that I’ve heard, this should be a non-partisan issue, of concern to every Americans.


  • 22 Attorneys Generals have sent a letter to President Biden, saying:

“Ultimately, the goal of these instruments isn’t to protect public health”…'”It’s to cede authority to the WHO—specifically its director-general—to restrict our citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, privacy, movement (especially travel across borders), and informed consent.”

  • Several states have passed laws saying state officials will not obey WHO directives.
  • 49 Senators are demanding this agreement be ratified in the Senate as an international treaty, not simply signed off on by the President as an Executive Order.


Please share this video and contact your reps in Congress and state legislatures to alert them to look further into this very important issue.


Thank you.



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