Notes from the Wireless Safety Summit in DC

The Wireless Safety Summit in Washington, DC last week brought together activists from across the country to hear updates on the science and to connect with each other, the objective to potentially arrive at unified messaging and greater collaboration to achieve our mutual objectives. It was a great experience to put a face to many of the names of the hard-working courageous people in this field who are all sacrificing so much to educate people about this important public health issue. Many encouraging meetings were also held the 2nd day with Members of Congress and their staffs.

The Core Message of the event is attached.

While there were differences of opinion in terms of the best way to approach Washington (some wanting to focus on the health issues, for example, and others believing a less challengeable ‘right to know’ message is preferable) the overall collaborative spirit was encouraging.

The last day of the meeting called for collaboration on many fronts, and anyone wishing to become involved in the following projects can contact Christine Hoch at [email protected].

  • Drafting a letter to the Surgeon General re. need for warnings
  • Follow with Sen. Rockefeller, who is on the Commerce Committee and has jurisdiction over the FCC, re. the possibility of hearings
  • Need to emphasize the economic costs of the current wireless broadband plan to take advantage of the strong DC interest in deficit reduction
  • Need to call for funding of wired broadband, not wireless
  • Desire for hearings, possibly on many angles, including health, privacy and consumer cost issues
  • Importance of people from all states supporting Dennis Kucinich, as it will be a big set back to the EMF movement if he looses his seat in Congress
  • Concern about Energy Security with wireless smart grid
  • Economic vulnerability of wireless smart grid where in a power surge peoples appliances can be wiped out (ex: San Jose, CA this happened in a 10 sq block area)
  • Nuclear vulnerability with 104 reactors in the US, 23 of which are like the Fukishima plant. If a wireless smart grid goes down there is only back up cooling for 8 hours on batteries and 2-3 days of back up electrical generators, though many of these are today not kept up and out of diesel
  • Concern about smart grid in Solar Flares and the clear need to invest in distributed energy generation
  • Desire to support Radio Free Zones in the USA
  • Desire for a Diagnostic Category, as in Sweden where the ‘problem’ is considered the environment, not the person, and called a “functional impairment” not a “disability”

Congratulations to Christine Hoch for initiating this gathering. Please see the Core Message and use it as you see fit in your own local community building around this issue.