We are delighted to offer audio interviews with leading experts in the remediation of electromagnetic fields. As EMF expertise, covering all the kinds of fields, is rare, we want to share insights from the most experienced assessors and remediators we could find. This is a growing field and we encourage you to learn as much as you can so you are empowered to help others in your community. Combined with the EMF Help Blog published by ElectromagneticHealth.org and Campaign for Radiation Free Schools, we hope you will learn to assess the multiple kinds of electromagnetic fields you may encounter, including radiofrequency, microwaves, electric fields, magnetic fields and high frequency transients on wiring.

The best way to learn after you have the fundamentals down is to get out in the field and begin! Meters can be found at www.emfsafetystore.com. Further training, if needed, can be obtained (some online) through the Institute for Bau Biologie & Ecology. There is no substitute, however, for getting out in the field, detecting EMF levels and trouble shooting.


# 1 – Vicki Warren, BSEE, CIE, CERSA, BBEC

Past Executive Director, Institute for Bau Biology & Ecology

Click to listen 50:39

[audio:https://electromagnetichealth.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/vicki-warren.mp3|titles=vicki warren]


# 2 – Lawrence J. Gust, Electrical Engineer, BBEC & MBA

Board President, Institute for Bau Biology & Ecology

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