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Interphone Study Design Flaws

10 Eye-Opening Design Flaws That Underestimate Brain Tumor Risk 

– Interphone Studies Presentation Download Power Point


High Frequency Transients on Electrical Wiring
A Potential Universal Carcinoge

Pervasive Form of Electromagnetic Pollution Linked to Teachers’ Cancer in Southern California School


Autism may be Linked to Electromagnetic Radiation Levels In Mother’s Bedroom During Pregnancy

Pilot Study Finds Over 20x Higher Microwave Power Density in Mothers’ Sleeping Locations During Pregnancy


Ambient Microwave Radiation From Wireless Technologies Linked to Higher Residential Electricity Cost

High Frequencies from Neighborhood Cell Phone Antennas Found to Speed Up Utility Meters, Increasing Bills


EPA’s Efforts to Issue Exposure Guidelines for Radiofrequency Radiation Suppressed for Years

Guidelines May Have Made Cell Phones Illegal


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Promoted for Energy Efficiency Emit Hazardous Radiofrequency Radiation

Energy Efficient LED Bulbs a Far Better Health Choice


Pregnant Women Who Use Cell Phone 2-3x Day Associated With Increased Behavioral Problems in Offspring. 

In a study of over 13,000 children, incidence of emotional symptoms, behavioral problems, inattention, hyperactivity and problems with peers increased by 54% with mothers use of cell phones, and by 80% when the children, at the age of seven, used cell phones themselves.


Wi-Max to Blanket America in Microwave Radiation

Millions of Sensitive People May Have Difficulty


Dirty Electricity Elevates Blood Sugar Among Electrically Sensitive Diabetics

May Explain Brittle Diabetes.


Doubled Mortality, Impaired Memory and Death By Tumors in LongTerm EMF Study

Pulsed Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure in Rats Over 18 Months Shows Grim Outcomes


Hybrid Autos Not the EMF Concern Some Think

See Toyota Prius Analysis


Broadband Over Power Lines Coming to Rural America

Brings Radiation Onto Electrical Wiring


Health Concerns Over “White Space” Use in Broadcast Spectrum

Calls for Pre-Market Health Testing of Any New Applications


More to Come…

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