Request Members of Congress to Ask FCC to Revisit Its Obsolete Cell Tower Safety Regulations

Request Members of Congress to Ask FCC to Revisit Its Obsolete Cell Tower Safety Regulations:

TAKE ACTION: How to Communicate with Congress on EMF Safety

1.  Concerned citizens should obtain the names and mail or email contact information for their own two U.S. Senators and one elected Representative to Congress.  [Total of three (3) elected officials.]

You can easily determine your representatives at the following links, just by entering your zip code:

U.S. House of Representatives


U.S. Senate


2.  The citizen should then send a copy of “Making Cell Towers Safe” (Download 1-Page PDF at http://snurl.com/27oqab) to each of these three (3) elected officials along with a short cover memorandum or letter reading something like this:

Dear Senator [or Representative]:

I am one of your constituents and am concerned about the failure of the FCC to update its obsolete cell tower safety regulations.  Please write to the FCC and ask the agency to revisit its cell tower safety regulations to meet the results of recent European studies showing harm from cell signals to people who live within 400 meters of a conventional cell tower.


3.  If the citizen receives no response from any of his/her elected representatives, follow up and ask for a copy of the letter the representative sent to the FCC.  Keep at it until the letter is received, plus any agency response.  Thank each elected official and ask them to follow up.

4.  If the elected representative provides the citizen with a copy of the representative’s letter to the FCC, the citizen may want to provide a copy of that letter to his/her local newspaper.

Every Federal agency gives priority attention to letters from members of Congress — which controls the purse-strings for agency appropriations (including salaries), and can also hold hearings if they are offended by delayed response or other neglect.

If enough members of Congress get letters off to the FCC, the agency should pay attention.

Thank you for Taking Action Requesting Congress To Ask the FCC to Revisit its Cell Tower Safety Regulations Now